The infrastructure sector in any economy is crucial for its progress. Beyond facilitating transport and communication, it has a cascading effect on employment, businesses, income growth and development in general. Accordingly, we feel privileged to be a leading player in this nation building sector and constantly strive to raise benchmarks of quality and innovation and achieve excellence in projects that we undertake.

India is at a juncture where the momentum to enhance infrastructure has picked up like never before. Within the entire infrastructure gamut, the Indian government has made road-building a priority. This is being increasingly reflected in announcements of mammoth road building program of record magnitude, a responsive industry-enabling environment and a focus on project completion.

The result of these positive developments is that India’s road building sector currently offers the biggest order book in its history, translating into multi-year revenue visibility.

As India’s road building sector grows faster than ever, a select group of dedicated long-term players are positioned to grow even faster, capitalising on their scalable foundation leading to business sustainability.

We at HGIEL have been gearing ourselves up to ride this opportunity by invested in our business strengths over the past few years. We have set out on a strategic path to achieve sustainable growth over time by balancing our role as direct contractors and indirect sub-contractors towards maximising our capacity utilisation and related profitability.

We have also chosen to work with large and reputed clients, strengthening our strengthening our cash flows and timely payments.

We commenced our operations in Rajasthan, where we enjoyed:-

Economies of Mobilisation

Project Management

Cost Management

Then we gradually broadened our presence across other states too. Over the past few years, we have invested in construction equipment ownership, making it possible to accelerate project progress and moderate costs. Simultaneously, we have created a number of strategic business units within the Company, which are responsible for the business sustainability of their respective profit centres. On the people front, we have recruited experienced personnel and oriented them to imbibe our:-

Governance Principles

Work Ethics

We have buttressed our finances through an IPO, which enabled us to mobilise resources that would help us with our high growth vision, while keeping moderate debt on our books.

We remain optimistic about our business prospects based on both the external environment, wherein the country’s road building has taken off to provide extensive opportunities for competent road building companies, as well as due to our own unique preparedness and positioning, which allows us to capitalise on this flourishing sectoral opportunity.

Harendra Singh

Managing Director